Andrew Melrose, DPhil, is Professor of Children’s Writing at the University of Winchester, UK. He has over 150 film, fiction, non-fiction, research, songs, poems and other writing credits, including The Story Keepers film series, a ‘textual intervention’ on the New Testament, broadcast worldwide, and 33 scholarly or creative books. He is also the editor of the journal Write4Children an inaugural member on the TEXT: Journal of writing and writing courses and Axon: Creative Explorations international advisory boards. In addition to his creative writing, Andrew has written a number of books, articles and book chapters on various aspects of critical and creative writing and on the cult and culture of the child, children and childhood. In 2012, Routledge published Here Comes the Bogeyman: Exploring contemporary issues in writing for children and Monsters Under the Bed: Critically investigating early years writing were published.